Comedy Catalog



1. Adams, Douglas Hitchhikers’ guide to the galaxy BBC

2. Adams, Douglas The restaurant at the end of the Universe

3. Allen, Woody Stand up comic Casablanca/Rhino

4. Atkinson, Rowan Live in Belfast Arista

5. Attila the Stockbroker Tues. July 4, Rivoli Aural Tradition

6. Austin Lounge Lizards Small minds Watermelon

7. Backfire 1995-2000: Jane Curtin, Buck Henry, Robert Krulwich, Tony Hendra

8. Barker, Les Arovertherapy Mrs. Ackroyd

9. Barker, Les A cardi and bloke Mrs. Ackroyd

10. Barker, Les An infinite number of occasional tables Mrs. Ackroyd

11. Barker, Les Oranges and lemons Mrs. Ackroyd

12. Barker, Les Up the creek without a poodle Mrs. Ackroyd

13. Barry, Dave At the National Press Club

15. Black, Kevin Gold solids Hauraki

16. Black, Kevin Hotline lunacy Hauraki

17. Brooks, Mel 2000 year old man

18. Brooks, Mel 2013 year old man WEA

19. Brooks, Mel Excerpts: the 2000 year old man Rhino

20. Brown, Julie Trapped in the body of a white girl WEA

21. Bryson, Bill A walk in the woods BDP Audio

22. Captain Howdy The best song ever written

23. Captain Rock Buried treasure Interfusion

24. Cheech & Chong Big bambu WEA

25. Cheech & Chong Cheech & Chong WEA

26. Cheech & Chong Greatest hit WEA

27. Clarke, John Fred Dagg’s greatest hits Columbia

29. Clarke, John Anthology Columbia

30. Cleese, John The strange case of the end of civilization as we know it

31. Connolly, Billy Billy & Albert Virgin

32. Connolly, Billy Classic Connolly Pulse

33. Cook & Moore Ad nauseam Virgin

34. Cook & Moore Come again Virgin

35. Cook & Moore Good evening Island

36. Cook & Moore Live Island

37. Cook & Moore The clean tapes Cube

38. Cooper Clarke, John Snap, crackle & bop CBS

39. Cutler, Ivor Life in a Scotch sitting room Virgin

40. Cutler, Ivor Velvet donkey Virgin

41. Doctor Demento Doctor Demento’s delight WB

42. Duck’s Breath Best of the Homemade Theater Duck’s Breath

43. Elliott, Bob/Ray Goulding Best of Bob & Ray Radioart

43. Firesign Theatre Don’t crush that dwarf CBS

44. Cleese, John Fawlty Towers, vols 1-2 BBC

45. Coyle & Sharpe Audio visionaries

46. Coyle & Sharpe On the loose

47. Firesign Theatre Bride of Firesign Theatre

48. Firesign Theatre Give me immortality or give me death Rhino

49. Firesign Theatre Shoes for industry! Columbia

50. Freberg, Stan Best of Stan Freberg Capitol

51. Fresh Air Interviews with Ray Manzarek, Mel Brooks, Edna Everage, Joss Whedon, Spinal Tap

52. Goons Best of the Goon shows BBC

53. Goons Dark side of the Goon EMI

54. Goons First men on the Goon EMI

55. Goons Goon classics, v. 1-9 BBC

56. Heebeegeebees 461 golden greats Original

57. Hudson, Bob Party piece Larrikin

58. Hulm, Jay Cowboy poet Paget

59. Idle, Eric Meet the Rutles WBS

60. Idle, Eric Rutland Times Passport

61. Idle, Eric Rutland Weekend Television

61. Jones, Spike Musical depreciation ASV

62. Keillor, Garrison Gospel birds, v. 1-2 PHC

63. The Kipper Family The ever-decreasing circle Dambuster

63. Lord Buckley His Royal Hipness Discovery

64. Lehrer, Tom An evening wasted with Tom Lehrer Decca

65. Matchbox & the APG Live at the Pram Interfusion

66. The Mercury Theater War of the worlds YRS

67. Miller, Dennis The off-white album WEA

68. Milligan, Spike Puckoon EMI

69. Monty Python Another Monty Python record Charisma

70. Monty Python Flying Circus Charisma

71. Monty Python Holy Grail (executive version!) Charisma

72. Monty Python Live at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane Charisma

73. Monty Python Matching tie and handkerchief Charisma

74. Monty Python Monty Python’s previous record Charisma

75. Monty Python Contractual obligation Arista

76. Monty Python The final ripoff Virgin

77. Monty Python Instant record collection Charisma

78. Monty Python Live at City Center Arista

79. Monty Python Monty Python sings Virgin

80. Moscowitz, Moe Steven Spielberg, give me your money Dove Audio

81. Mull, Martin No hits, four errors Capricorn

82. National Lampoon Best of the Radio Hour Rhino

83. National Lampoon Greatest hits Visa

84. National Lampoon Lemmings Blue Thumb

85. National Lampoon That’s not funny, that’s sick! Label 21

86. National Lampoon White album Label 21

87. Newhart, Bob Best of the button-down mind WEA

88. Nichols & May Best of Nichols and May Mercury

89. The Onion Our dumb century

90. Palin, Michael Ripping yarns

91. Schickele, Peter The definitive biography of PDQ Bach HighBridge

92. Sedaris, David Xmas stories

93. Sellers, Peter Best of Sellers EMI

94. Sellers, Peter Peter and Sophia EMI

95. Sellers, Peter Sellers Market EMI

96. Sellers, Peter Songs EMI

97. Sellers, Peter The Parkinson interview BBC

98. Shearer, Harry It must have been something I said Rhino

99. The Simpsons Sing the blues Geffen

100. Smith & Jones Scratch and sniff 10 Records

101. Stiller, Jerry Laugh when you like Atlantic

102. Thomas, Dylan Fern Hill/A child’s Christmas

103. Various Best of NPR: public laughter NPR

104. Various Car Talk car tunes Warped Disc

105. Various The complete Beyond the Fringe: 1961 Fortune Theater show EMI

106. Various Crank yankers, vol. 1 Comedy Central

107. Various Dead parrot society Rhino

108. Various The Frost Report

109. Various Fundamental frolics BBC

110. Various I’m sorry, I’ll read that again BBC

111. Various Little chills, v. 1-4 NPR

112. Various Not the 9 o’clock news, v. 1-2 BBC

113. Various The Secret policeman’s ball

114. Various The Secret policeman’s other ball Springtime

115. Various This American life: lies, sissies & fiascoes Rhino

116. Various Transatlantic comedy sampler

117. Various The World’s worst records, v. 2 Rhino

118. White, Bailey An interesting life

119. Williams, Robin Throbbing python of love CBS

120. Wright, Steven I have a pony Aspen

121. Yankovich, Al Alapalooza Scotti Bros.

122. Yankovich, Al Dare to be stupid Scotti Bros.

123. Yankovich, Al Even worse Scotti Bros.

124. Yankovich, Al In 3D Scotti Bros.

125. Yankovich, Al Off the deep end Scotti Bros.

126. Zappa, Frank/Moon Valley girl Barking Pumpkin

Comedy Books

1. Adams, Cecil The straight dope

2. Adams, Cecil More of the straight dope

3. Adams, Cecil The straight dope tells all

4. Adams, Cecil Triumph of the straight dope

5. Adams, Douglas The more than complete hitchhiker’s guide

6. Adams, Douglas The original hitchhiker radio scripts

7. Allen, Woody Getting even

8. Allen, Woody Side effects

9. Allen, Woody Without feathers

10. Atkinson, Rowan Mr. Bean’s diary

11. Atkinson, Rowan Not the nine o’clock news

12. Barker, Les Roverdance

13. Barreca, Regina Signet book of American humor

14. Barry, Lynda Big ideas

15. Bellairs, John St. Fidgeta and other parodies

16. Bendel, John True facts: the big book

17. Bennett, Joe So help me dog

18. Benton, Gary Big red joke book

19. Bowler, Peter What a way to go

20. Boyd, L. M. Boyd’s curiosity shop

21. Briggs, Joe Bob Joe Bob goes to the drive-in

22. Brown, Yorick Trawler sunk by flying cow

23. Brunvand, Jan Harold Curses! broiled again!

24. Brunvand, Jan Harold The choking doberman

25. Brunvand, Jan Harold The vanishing hitchhiker

26. Charlton, James Bred any good rooks lately?

27. Clarke, John A Dagg at my table: writings 1977-1996

28. Cleese, John Golden skits of Wing-Commander Muriel Volestrangler

29. Cleese, John The complete Fawlty Towers

30. Cook, Peter The complete Beyond the Fringe

31. Cook, Peter Dud & Pete: the Dagenham dialogues

32. Crump, Barry A good keen man

33. Crump, Barry Bastards I have met

34. Crump, Barry Hang on a minute mate

35. Curtis, Richard Black-Adder: the whole damn dynasty, 1485-1917.

36. Dale, Rodney The tumour in the whale

37. DeGeneres, Ellen My point, and I do have one…

38. Dundes, Alan Urban folklore from the paperwork empire

39. Ebert, Roger Ebert’s little movie glossary

40. Ebert, Roger Ebert’s bigger little movie glossary

41. Edwards, Brian ‘Top of the Morning’ book of incredibly short stories

42. Edwards, Gavin Excuse me while I kiss this guy

43. Edwards, Gavin He’s got the whole world in his pants

44. Edwards, Gavin When a man loves a walnut

45. Everage, Dame Edna My gorgeous life

46. Farrand, Phil The nitpicker’s guide for Deep Space 9 trekkers

47. Farrand, Phil The nitpicker’s guide for Next Generation trekkers

48. Frazier, Ian Coyote v. Acme

49. Frazier, Ian Dating your mom

50. Friedman, Michael J. Star Trek Federation travel guide

51. Galton, Ray Hancock’s half hour

52. Garratt, Chris Desert island Biff

53. Garratt, Chris Essential Biff

54. Gingold, Alfred Items from Our Catalog

55. Givens, Bill Film flubs

56. Givens, Bill Reel gags

57. Givens, Bill Son of film flubs

58. Gordon, Richard Great medical disasters

59. Grant, A. K. I rode with the Epigrams

60. Green, Jonathon Famous last words

61. Harvard Lampoon Bored of the rings

62. Hendra, Tony The book of bad virtues

63. Hudson, Bob The first Australian dictionary

64. Humphries, Barry A nice night’s entertainment

65. Johnson, Kim Life before and after Monty Python

66. Jones, Loyal Laughter in Appalachia

67. Kelly, Sean Who in hell: a guide to the whole damned bunch

68. Krich, John Music in every room: around the world in a bad mood

69. Lederer, Richard Anguished English

70. Lederer, Richard More anguished English

71. Leland, Louis A personal Kiwi – Yankee slanguage dictionary

72. Lewis, Jon Cult TV: the comedies

73. Linacre, Lane Lern yerself Scouse

74. Lodge, David Nice work

75. Long, Kim Fatal facts

76. Martin, Steve Cruel shoes

77. McCall, Douglas Monty Python: a chronological listing

78. McEnroe, Colin Lose weight through great sex with celebrities (the Elvis way!)

79. McGill, David A dictionary of Kiwi slang: up the boohai shooting pukakas

80. McGill, David The dinkum Kiwi dictionary: shooting pipis with a hayrake

81. Mcleod, Rosemary Thank you for having me

82. Milligan, Spike It ends with magic

83. Milligan, Spike Monty: his part in my victory

84. Milligan, Spike More Goon show scripts

85. Monty Python Complete Flying Circus: all the words

86. Monty Python Life of Brian

87. Monty Python Monty Python and the Holy Grail (book)

88. Morgan, Hal More rumors!

89. National Lampoon Encyclopedia of humor

90. National Lampoon Letters from the editors of National Lampoon

91. National Lampoon 199th birthday book

92. National Lampoon This side of parodies

93. National Lampoon Treasury of humor

94. National Lampoon True facts

95. Novack, William Big book of new American humor

96. Novack, William Big book of Jewish humor

97. The Onion Dispatches from the Tenth Circle

98. O’Rourke, P. J. Give war a chance

99. O’Rourke, P. J. Holidays in hell

100. O’Rourke, P. J. Republican party reptile

101. Palin, Michael Dr. Fegg’s encyclopedia of all world knowledge

102. Palin, Michael Ripping yarns

103. Palin, Michael More ripping yarns

104. Parker, Tom Rules of thumb

105. Parker, Tom Rules of thumb 2

106. Parsons, Nicholas Egg on the face

107. Peary, Danny Cult movies, vols 1 – 3

108. Pile, Stephen The book of heroic failures

109. Pile, Stephen The return of heroic failures

110. Pinkney, Maggie Great Aussie slang

111. Pinkwater, Daniel Blue moose

112. Pinkwater, Daniel Chicago days, Hoboken nights

113. Pinkwater, Daniel Fish whistle

114. Pinkwater, Daniel I was a second grade werewolf

115. Pinkwater, Daniel Lizard music

116. Pinkwater, Daniel Return of the moose

117. Pinkwater, Daniel Young adult novel

118. Piraro, Dan The best of Bizzaro

119. Pollock, Robert Good luck Mr. Gorsky

120. Poundstone, William Big secrets

121. Poundstone, William Bigger secrets

122. Randolph, Vance Pissing in the snow

123. Rees, Nigel Very interesting … but stupid!

124. Rice, Scott It was a dark and stormy night

125. Root, Henry The Henry Root letters

126. Rosen, Michael J. ed. Mirth of a nation

127. Samon, Katherine Dates from hell

128. Samon, Katherine More dates from hell

129. Sarrantonio, Al ed. The fireside treasury of new humor

130. Saunders, Jennifer Absolutely fabulous

131. Saunders, Jennifer Absolutely fabulous 2

132. Schickele, Peter The definitive biography of P.D.Q. Bach

133. Scott, Tom Overseizure

134. Scott, Tom Private parts

135. Sedaris, David Barrel fever

136. Sellar, Walter C. 1066 and all that

137. Shalit, Gene Laughing matters

138. Shandling, Garry The autobiography of Larry Sanders

139. Sharpe, Tom Blott on the landscape

140. Sharpe, Tom Indecent exposure

141. Sharpe, Tom Wilt

142. Smith, Paul The book of nastier legends

143. Townsend, Sue The secret diary of Adrian Mole

144. Townsend, Sue Growing pains of Adrian Mole

145. Townsend, Sue Adrian Mole: the wilderness years

146. Train, John Crazy quilt: remarkable comic confusions

147. Train, John Remarkable names of real people

148. Trillin, Calvin Enough’s enough

149. Tsing Loh, Sandra Depth takes a holiday

150. Waldoks, Moshe ed. The best American humor 1994

151. Weiner, Ellis Doon

152. White, Bailey Mama makes up her mind

153. Wilmut, Roger From Fringe to Flying Circus


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